Riva Electric Hand


Dec 2015

The idea behind this sculptural piece was that my father owns an electric company, and I thought it would make a great present to take his logo and bring it to the 3rd dimension.




Feb 2016

In this project, I took items that I felt represented a little bit of who I am and placed them together in what I viewed as a tasteful manner. My logic behind each element was as follows: the mug to represent my love for tea and my upbringing with my mother's British culture; the brush to represent my artistic nature; the cribbage board, cards, and pipe to represent that I'm basically an old man at heart, and the duck because I can be silly and random.



Melted Wax on Glass Pane

Jan 2015

In today's culture, we see the rainbow as a signal towards LGTBQ, but one of the first causes a rainbow was used for was in Genesis 9 in the Bible. Most of us know the story of Noah's Ark. I find that this piece reflects that story. During the midst of the flood, things don't look good for the world, they look messy and ugly. This is portrayed by the center of the piece, where all the colors mix to create a garbled dark-grey blob. As the storm begins to fade away, Noah sent out his dove to find land. As we leave the center of the piece we see the white crayon emerge as the dove being sent out. Upon landing, God makes a promise to Noah saying that He will never again destroy the world with flooding, and He uses a rainbow to establish this covenant. As we look around the edges of the piece we see the rainbow that gets shown through the water as the storm dries out completely.


Goodbye World

Acrylic on Wood

Dec 2013


There is a common phrase in computer science, “Hello world.” A programmer, when learning a new programming language, will normally create a simple function to make the computer output this phrase. This is usually a sign that the programmer is starting to understand the syntax of the new language. As a computer science major, I wanted to re-imagine computer science.

Normally when people think of computer science, they think of lengthy code typed on a computer screen. My goal was to take the code away from the screen in order to re-imagine the way we see it. To do this, I have carved wooden letters to bring the code into a tangible state. I chose wood as my medium because it is exactly what a computer is not, mechanical and made of metal. Along the backboard of my piece is a Bible verse of my own choosing, converted to binary code in order to portray the essence of a computer. The verse is 2 Timothy 4:7 “I have fought the good fight…” This is where Paul is in the latter stages of his life and will soon go to meet the Lord, effectively stating “Goodbye world.” I believe it is important to keep ourselves accountable in terms of how much do we preoccupy ourselves with technology, and to question where new technology is heading, and where is it leading our society.